Pingo Doce launches new store concept

Date : 14 October 2019

Portugal-based Pingo Doce has launched a new digital store concept, which uses a downloadable application that allows shoppers to ‘just walk out’. Similar technology has also been developed by other retailers, underling its growing interest for companies looking to improve their in-store offer.

Pingo Doce’s new digital store concept…

Jerónimo Martins-owned Pingo Doce introduced an app called ‘Pingo Doce & Go Nova’, which allows shoppers to ‘just walk out’. The introduction of the new store concept was presented at the Nova School of Business and Economics, in Carcavelos. The store is open to the general public however, it is designed to target students.

The retailer has designed the concept based on convenience. The app allows shoppers to enter the store by a QR code and proceed to scan products’ bar code. Once the shopper has completed their shop, the purchase is completed by an in-app payment. In addition, over the 250sq m of the store, 100 cameras have been placed to collect shopper data.

The innovation was designed, to increase convenience and maximise efficiency for shopper missions. The store has 20 members of staff, offering guidance and service, differing from competing retailers who maintain un-staffed stores.

...more technology from Pingo Doce

At the entrance of the new digital store, the retailer has placed a new vending machine, which allows shoppers to scan the app QR code to open the vending machine and take the products required. Once the door is closed the in-app payment is taken.

Other ‘just walk out’ technology

Other retailers offer similar technological-based stores, to provide shoppers with convenience.

Amazon Go, which launched in January 2018, introduced ‘just walk out’ technology for Amazon members. The retailer takes the payments from the shoppers Amazon accounts. Since this concept was introduced, Amazon has launched more stores in the US.

Albert Heijn launched a ‘just walk out’ store in Zaandam, the store is accessible through tapping a debit or credit card.


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