Penny Germany rolls out Scan and Go to 100 stores

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 03 July 2020

Penny, Rewe’s discount banner, has rolled out its Scan and Go app at 100 stores on 29 June. This is part of the retailer’s recent strategy to enhance its model and enable a more frictionless, in-store customer journey.

Improving shopping experience and stores’ efficiency

The new solution aims at easing and accelerating the payment process, usually a point of friction at discounters. Penny is the first discounter in Germany to launch a scan, pay and go solution.

When entering the store, shoppers need to scan a QR code with the Scan and Go app to identify their location. They then start shopping. The app is very standard and enables them to scan all products, including fresh produce. Once they finish shopping, the app will generate a specific QR code to be scanned at a dedicated self-checkout, where shoppers can pay by card only.

Source: Penny


To encourage shoppers to use the new app, a 5% discount on the entire basket will be offered until 10 August.

Staff at standard checkouts receive a signal on their screen when a shoppers’ basket includes an age restricted product, such as alcohol, and can approve remotely or ask the shopper to show a proof of age. The new payment solution is expected to free some time for store staff. Once shoppers are used to the new solution it is expected employees will be able to have more time to keep track of stock levels, place orders and make sure shelves are well replenished and maintained.

Penny continues its evolution

The solution is still in the test phase as a standalone app and is not yet integrated into Penny’s main app. The Scan and Go app is only available at 5% of stores, but it shows the discounter’s new strategy to move further away from the standard discount model.

The new strategy, announced in 2019, focuses on investing in stores to offer an enhanced and modern shopping environment to create differentiation with other discounters. Penny will also continue to improve the quality of its private label products, while maintaining its everyday low-price promise.

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