Paying with cash on

Date : 07 November 2018

Amazon customers in Spain can deposit cash into their Amazon account, and therefore buy from without using a debit or credit card. The service is called ‘Amazon recargas en tienda’, which translates to 'Amazon top ups in-store'.

How the service works

In order to top up their account with cash, customers essentially buy a digital gift voucher in-store, whose amount is added to their online gift voucher balance automatically. Over 50,000 stores offer the service and link to the customer’s account in one of three ways: (1) by scanning a barcode on the customer’s device, (2) by using the customer’s phone number, or (3) by printing a 15 character top up code that customers exchange online. Through options one and two, customers can pay between €5 to €500 into their account. The top up codes in option three are available in amounts of €10, €25, €50 and €100. Customers can also top up their acount online using a credit or debit card in-store.

Source: Amazon

Omnichannel innovation

The service links up the physical world of cash quickly and effectively to online world of ecommerce. Amazon said that they introduced the service to give customers more choice in terms of payment options, with it clearly suited those who prefer to use cash over card.

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