New recycling campaign at Tesco

Date : 10 June 2013
Tesco and Coca-Cola Enterprises have teamed up to launch a new recycling campaign that will use the retailer's loyalty scheme to provide incentives for customers to get involved.

Monetary incentives in return for recycling pledges

The new 14 week long campaign called, 'Together We're Making Recycling Count' is reported to launch on Wednesday 12 June. The activity will ask Clubcard customers to make pledges to recycle at home waste and in return they will receive either 25 additional Clubcard points or a 50p voucher off Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero. The campaign will be supported by a website that will track the volume of recycling pledged and also reminder emails sent to participants that will encourage them to stick to their plans.

Supplier collaboration and strategic alignment

The campaign fits nicely with a number of areas of Tesco's strategic priorities and shows strong collaboration between the retailer and the supplier. Firstly, it is a great example of how Tesco is starting to 'use its scale for good', its new value where it aims to put its CSR responsibilities at the core of its everyday activities and secondly, it combines its work to put Clubcard back at the heart of its business with its efforts to become a zero carbon business by 2050.

Making home recycling a 'key topic'

Part of the retailer's journey to become zero carbon by 2050 involves a sub-pledge, where it will help customers reduce their carbon footprints by 50% by 2020 and this campaign shows how suppliers can leverage the use to Clubcard to drive sales and help the retailer achieve its ambitions. Speaking to The Grocer, Coca-Cola Enterprises vice president of public affairs and communications GB, Julian Hunt, said, 'We all know recycling our household waste counts, but this campaign allows both us and Tesco to really make that genuinely tangible for shoppers. This is the first time a communications campaign on this scale has directly high-lighted home recycling as a key topic.'