Netherlands: loyalty, private label & innovation

Date : 05 April 2017

We share the latest developments in the Netherlands, with a focus on news from Albert Heijn, Jumbo, PLUS and Hoogvliet.

Albert Heijn trials choose your own promotions…

Albert Heijn will be trialling personalised offers for select loyal shoppers from April 10th to June 4th. Participants will be able to select two to six offers from a dozens of products, while the discount will be valid for four weeks. The trial will replace existing personalised offers, which the retailer shares with participating shoppers every week.

A number of loyalty schemes have launched in recent years, moving away from a points collection mechanic. In the UK, the myWaitrose loyalty scheme allows shoppers to select 10 products from hundreds available and save 20% on them every time they shop. Marks & Spencer also allows SPARKS members to choose exclusive promotions from a prescribed list.

…As it rolls out Scan & Go further

In other news, following a successful trial, Albert Heijn is rolling out scan and go to all 250 stores. Customers will be able to shop using a handheld scanner or their mobile phone. 95% of shoppers were happy with the functionality in trial stores.

Alongside extending private label ice cream range…

Albert Heijn is also extending its range of private label ice cream, offering a new Italian ice cream and sorbet range, produced by Tonitto, a family owned company.

Source: Albert Heijn

…While Jumbo innovates in breakfast products

Elsewhere in the market, Jumbo has introduced seven new healthier breakfast products. This includes a range of granola, nut butters and a muffin bake mix.

Source: Jumbo

These products were brought to shelf through the Jumbo Innovation Lab, which is an opportunity for p developers to introduce innovative products. New suppliers are encouraged to participate by submitting ideas to

Commenting on the Jumbo Innovation Lab, Ed van de Weerd, Commercial Director said, Jumbo wants to surprise customers with innovative products that fully integrate the latest food trends. That’s why we work closely with suppliers and products developers of innovative products. Lat year for the first time the doors of the Jumbo Innovation Lab [were] wide open to the ideas and concepts of our regular suppliers. And now we do it again but only for new suppliersLast year was a great success with many creative and surprising entries. The best ideas are actually sold in our stores’.

In related news, the UK's John Lewis is broadening its own startup accelerator, JLab to include Waitrose.

PLUS enters new partnership to cut food waste

PLUS has partnered with educational organization, Milieu Central to help shoppers waste less food, building on its existing work in this area.

Tactics will include providing inspiration in PLUS magazines on throwing away less food and recycling food scraps. Commenting on the partnership, Mariken Stolk, of Milieu Centraal, said ‘Through our partnership with PLUS we reach more and different consumers’.

PLUS cited work it is already doing to reduce food waste, including:

  • Offering a customized spaghetti measure from Joseph as part of a spaghetti promotion. This is driven to combat the fact that ‘pasta is one of the most wasted products’, according to Debbie Huisman, CSR specialist at PLUS.
  • Collaborating with Food Banks Netherlands. This sees private label suppliers donate ‘products that are not suitable for sale, but still edible. These include products with faulty or damaged packaging or labels, or with an expiry date that is too short to be able to sell’.

Retailers elsewhere in Europe are innovating to cut food waste. To gain more inspiration on this topic, click here.

Hoogvliet expands home delivery…

Hoogvliet is now fulfilling home delivery in Rijswijk, Voorburg and Leidschendam, in addition to its existing delivery locations. Customers can place orders on a dedicated app or online.