Netherlands: Coop results & Jumbo convenience

Date : 11 April 2017

We share the latest developments from the Netherlands including Coop Netherlands results and Jumbo’s convenience ambitions.

Coop 2016: +3.7%

Coop Netherlands reported that 2016 group sales increased by 3.7% to €954m. Net profit increased by over 50% to €7.9m. As of the end of 2016, Coop operated 258 Dutch stores.

2016 highlights: new & modernised stores, ecommerce

During the year, the retailer introduced nine new stores, modernized others and launched a new e-commerce platform. Coop also successfully developed and trialled a new city concept in Rotterdam, which is now ready for launch in other locations.

Positive performance continued into 2017, with 2017 Q1 sales increasing by 4.4%.

Jumbo to launch first convenience store

Elsewhere in the market, Jumbo is to introduce its first convenience store, with plans to operate around 50 of these in the future. According to Jeroen Janssen, Customer Experience Manager, these stores may offer‘fresh pizza, coffee or wine’.

He also revealed that Jumbo was developing a new La Place concept, for the Canadian department store, Hudson’s Bay, which is planning to launch 17 stores in the Netherlands.