Monoprix rolls out monop’easy service

Date : 15 November 2018

Casino-owned Monoprix has launched a smartphone scan and pay service called ‘monop’easy’. The service, developed by start-up Snapp, has been introduced in 500 Monoprix and Monop stores.

Available via ‘Monoprix et Moi’

Monoprix introduced the service initially in Paris in October 2017 before rolling it out nationally from the beginning of November. Monop'easy allows shoppers to scan and purchase goods from their smartphones via the ‘Monoprix et Moi’ app. Shoppers must link their bank details with the app to pay and avoid queuing.

Régis Schultz, Monoprix’s president, commented, “With this service, Monoprix continues to offer the best experience to its customers in stores…”

During a visit to a Monoprix in Paris we saw first-hand how the app was enabling the store to deal with high levels of footfall at lunchtime, while for shoppers it enabled them to get in and out quickly during their lunchbreak.

Source: IGD Research

Checkout testing

During the tests, shoppers could leave the store without confirming their purchases with staff. In another test shoppers weighed their baskets on a control scale equipped with cameras which only then enabled mobile payment. Instead, Monoprix has introduced a line for quickly checking digital receipts.

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