Metro Canada expands food waste app roll-out

Stewart Samuel
Program Director - Canada

Date : 09 September 2020

Metro Inc. is accelerating the roll-out of the FoodHero app to almost 100 stores, following a successful pilot over the last nine months.

Saving customers 30-50%

Launched last May, the FoodHero app enables customers to save 30-50% on unsold products that are close to their expiry dates. Following a pilot in five Metro stores in Montreal, over 30,000 products were sold via the app. Through the app, customers can see which products are available at stores within the area and purchase directly through the app. The products are subsequently collected at the store by the customer, although some retailers may offer a delivery option. Commenting on the programme, Richard Frenkcuec, vice president, retail execution and customer experience, stated,

”FoodHero complements our price reduction program in Québec that offers a 30% discount on products nearing their expiry date and provides us with an additional avenue to reduce the amount of unsold products going to landfill, contributing to our commitment to reduce food waste in our operations by 50% by 2025."

Source: Metro Inc.

Calculating CO2 savings

In addition to offering discounted products at participating retailers, FoodHero also calculates the CO2 "savings" achieved by avoiding residual waste using a scientific formula validated by a firm with recognised expertise in renewable energy.

Partnerships approach

Metro’s partnership with FoodHero is similar to the Loblaw and Flashfood food waste initiative. Earlier this year, Loblaw, expanded its food waste programme with Flashfood to additional stores across Canada. Last year, the initiative helped the retailer to divert 4.6m pounds of potential food waste from landfills, while enabling shoppers to collectively save more than $10m on groceries at the retailer’s stores. These partnerships demonstrate how retailers are increasingly collaborating with startups to tackle the food waste issue. Driving improvements in this area offers the opportunity to significantly reduce costs, divert waste from landfill and save customers money.

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