Mercadona prepares for ecommerce in Barcelona

Date : 07 November 2018

Mercadona is constructing a new logistics platform in Barcelona, exclusively for online orders. It is expected to be operational by 2020, according to Europa Press. ‘Colmena’ or the hive, is the name Mercadona gives to its warehouses dedicated to online orders.

First online warehouse in Barcelona

The warehouse will be Mercaona’s first in Barcelona that is dedicated to online orders. It marks the company's strategy to focus on the online channel, although it will be a while before it is operational.

Goodman Group is constructing the 10,500sq m warehouse, 2,500sq m of which are dedicated to the fresh category, including an area for frozen and refrigerated products. Elements to reduce energy consumption are included in the design, such as solar panels or an electric charging station for vehicles. Its design is also tailored towards online and last mile deliveries. For example, the height of loading platforms has been reduced to better accommodate the smaller vans which are used for city centre deliveries.

Mercadona’s first ‘Colmena’ is in Valencia, the retailer’s home town. It spans 13,000sq m and required an investment of €12M. Both warehouses are focused on improving efficiencies and productivity, which should trickle down benefits to shoppers.

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