Meet Generation P: the Perennial Shoppers

Date : 06 November 2020

They’re digitally savvy, experimental, and willing to spend more for quality. Move over Millennials, it’s time to meet Generation P: the Perennial Shoppers.

Comprising those aged 50-64, Generation P presents a key opportunity for international grocery retail. The group is set to grow – in size and significance – over the next two years, notably in the UK, Singapore and USA. Our new research highlights opportunities for you to engage with them.

Get to know Generation P

At an international* level, Generation P:

  • Are increasingly engaged online grocery shoppers. Over half (56%) shop online for food sometimes, with a third (33%) predicting they will do more 
  • Have an affinity with brands that they have grown up with, but also hold private label products in the same high regard. While 67% of these shoppers buy brands because they grew up with them, the same number (68%) indicate that they’re also very satisfied with the quality of own label products, with 58% trusting them as much as brands
  • Value convenience and quality over price. A significant 75% of 50-64-year-olds say they are sometimes tempted to spend more on better quality products. And 56% will sometimes spend more on products because they are easier to prepare and cook
  • Would like to select products with specific ethical or environmental credentials but tend to prioritise other factors in their purchasing decisions. Looking into the future, over half of Generation P (54%) indicate that issues around the environment will take on greater importance for them. However, 49% admit they will always prioritise factors such as quality and price

*average % calculated across UK, Singapore, and USA shopper surveys. Individual market statistics available upon request.

Opportunities for growth with Perennial Shoppers