Maxima Latvia launches mobile payment app

Danielle Molloy-Vickers
Retail Analyst

Date : 22 June 2020

Maxima Latvia has launched, what it claims is, the first mobile payment app in Latvia, enabling consumers to pay for groceries from their phones.

The app will provide shoppers with convenience and functionality and act as a digital wallet, adding the Paladies loyalty card to the platform. To use the app, shoppers can link their payment cards onto the app and scan a QR code at the checkout. A maximum purchase is set at €150 (US$168) for safety.

CEO: ‘convenient, pleasant and secure shopping is one of our priorities’

Commenting on the app, Maxima Latvia CEO, Valdis Zeps, said, “Convenient, pleasant and secure shopping is one of our priorities, which is why, after months of development and testing, we are pleased to give our customers access to an app which will allow them to shop even more conveniently and carefully, while acting as a modern aid when making everyday purchases.

The app will not only help when selecting basic necessities and accessing special offers, but it can also be used for payment and to avoid cash and the card terminal, with all functions being performed on the customer’s phone. This function is not only fast, but also extremely relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic”.