Malaysia: Tesco to open two new stores

Date : 09 June 2020

Soo-Eng Tan

Senior Retail Analyst

Tesco Malaysia will open two stores this month, expanding its network to 62 stores nationwide. The two stores are Tesco Teluk Intan which will open on 10th June, followed by Tesco Mines on 17th June.

Continued growth to serve the communities

Paul Ritchie, CEO of Tesco Malaysia, said, “the launch of our two new stores symbolises not only growth for the Tesco brand, but also the prospect of enriching the lives in the communities we serve. Through our value of No One Tries Harder for Customers, we believe that we can provide greater convenience, range, and value for money as well as better facilities for our customers”.

Aerial view of Tesco Teluk Intan that will be opened to the public on 10th June 2020
Source: Tesco Malaysia

The launch of Tesco in the historical city of Teluk Intan is home to Malaysia’s Leaning Tower. It is a significant move as the retailer's last Perak-based store opening was in 2011. Ritchie noted that Perak is an exciting market for Tesco due to its vibrant economy and high consumer confidence. Besides this new 3,000 sq m store, the retailer has seven other stores in the northern state.

Smaller 2,000 sq m store for Klang Valley shoppers

Tesco Mines is the second 2,000 sq m superstore after Tesco Wangsa Walk launched last year. It is located in the high-density area of Seri Kembangan where most residents are seeking quick and seamless shopping trips for their family’s needs.

“In providing a smaller 2,000sq metres superstore with a targeted range of our famous value for money pricing, such as our Halal chicken prices which have remained flat at RM5.99 per kilo since August 2016 and our Tesco Own Brand products that are on average 10 per cent cheaper than national brands, we are providing convenience and value for money to customers in this area who were not able to enjoy all these before,” said Ritchie.

Ensuring Tesco remains a safe place to shop

Tesco has implemented all the prescribed government Standard Operating Procedures in the two stores:

  • Taking down information for potential contact tracing
  • Temperature checking before entering and providing hand sanitisers
  • Limiting the number of shoppers in stores
  • Social distancing markings on the floor
  • Encouraging shoppers to wear masks

 It has also enabled its Scan & Shop app and fully cashless self-service checkout counters to help shoppers practice social distancing while shopping. The Scan & Shop app allows customers to scan their grocery items themselves as they shop in any Tesco store. Shoppers can also track their expected spending amount in their basket which will help in managing their budgets. Once done, they can proceed directly to the Self-Service Checkout Counters, provide the app-generated barcode and pay without removing any items from the basket or having a cashier scan the items.