Loblaw to roll out new fresh format

Date : 06 June 2013

Loblaw’s is to launch a new fresh supermarket format in selected stores in Quebec.

$100million investment to focus on fresh

The retailer is planning on spending around $100m on upgrading and rebranding some of its stores in Quebec to its new ‘Provigo Le Marché’ banner by the end of 2013. The first of seven stores to receive a makeover are its Kirkland store in Montreal and a new Sherbrooke store in July.

An enhanced shopping experience

The new format will feature an enhanced fresh produce assortment, a more efficient check-out service, a broader range of regional products and in-store counters. It is hoped that the sleek design and unique in-store ambiance will create a new shopping experience for ‘foodie’ shoppers.

Aligned with a focus on loyalty

Pierre Dandoy, senior vice president operations, stated that Loblaw “need[s] to evolve” in the face of growing competition in the province. This move represents a shift towards this evolution with its intention to boost shopper loyalty and grow the brand.