Lidl's digital initiatives in Europe

Date : 21 August 2018

Lidl’s recent digital initiatives in Spain, Italy and Denmark.

Online store being tested in Spain has landed in Madrid. The online store sells non-grocery items including appliances, clothing and homeware, with an exclusive online-only range and weekly offers. For now, the online store is only available through the webpage, not an app. Customers must pay a fixed delivery cost of €3.99 per order, with delivery times of three to five working days. Lidl Spain hopes to expand the service nationwide after testing it in Madrid. Lidl already has a similar ecommerce offer in other European countries, including Germany and Belgium.

Source: Lidl Spain

Agreement with the Tasty food network in Italy

Lidl has announced a partnership with the most followed social food network: Tasty. Through the partnership Lidl and Tasty will co-create and publish video recipes online, featuring Lidl Italia’s products. Tasty is a cross-media platform, part of BuzzFeed digital media, known for its simple and innovative cooking videos. According to Lidl, more than 190 million users a month follow Tasty’s content through their social media channels.

The first video aired on 6 August 2018 on BuzzFeed and across Tasty’s channels (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat). More content is being produced and is expected soon. The campaign will expose Lidl to wide audience of potential customers and allow it to gain relevance online.

"With this partnership we want to take another step forward in consolidating the role of Lidl in the web universe. Today, cooking enthusiasts look for recipes mainly online and platforms such as Tasty are a source of inspiration for them like the most famous television chefs" said Alessia Bonifazi, Lidl Italia's communications manager.

'Lidl Plus' loyalty app launches in Denmark

Lidl Denmark has launched the Lidl Plus app, a digital membership programme. The new app is free and comes pre-installed welcome gift of around €4 for use in-store. Lidl said that one of the advantages of the app is that it negates the need for a physical card.

The app features a store finder, exclusive offers and digital scratch cards. To use the app in-store, shoppers just scan a bar-code (functioning as their Lidl Plus card) on checkout. Receipts can also be saved via the app.

Source: Lidl Denmark
Dirk Fust, CEO of Lidl Denmark, said, "We want to be the front-runners in Danish discount, and Lidl Plus is an important part of our digital ambitions for the future."

The Lidl Plus app has also been rolled out in Austria and Spain, which were Lidl’s best performing markets in 2017. The simply designed app should boost loyalty in the long-term and build a closer relationship between retailer and shopper.

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