Lidl UK launches new Twitter price drop campaign

Date : 21 November 2016

Lidl has launched a new and innovative price campaign that encourages Twitter users to tweet about Lidl's products in order to lower their price in the run up to Christmas.

The Lidl Social Price Drop

The Lidl Social Price Drop (LSPD) will run from Monday 21st November to Saturday 17th December. During this four-week period, a new product will be announced every Monday on Twitter at 8am and the price drop will close the following day at 6pm. Depending on how many tweets the products gets over the 1.5 days, Lidl will drop the price accordingly on the Saturday for shoppers to buy in-store. The price drop will be announced via social media platforms Twitter and Facebook on the Wednesday, giving shoppers time to plan their shopping trip.

Using social media in new ways

This new campaign shows once again how Lidl aims to stand out in the UK grocery market and do things differently, however always with the customer in mind. In order to get the campaign trending, Lidl asks Tweeters to use its established hash tag #LidlSurprises and name the product. In week 1, this is Lidl's premium private label Deluxe Whole Cooked Lobster 350g priced £5.99, which could be discounted by £3 to a maximum reduced price of £2.99.

What do we think?

The weeks before Christmas can be the most costly time of the year for many, and so by allowing customers to play a role in reducing prices, Lidl is able to both promote itself and encourage shoppers to engage with Lidl on social media at an expensive time of year. Some celebrities have tweeted about how much they love the price drop, showing how Lidl is gaining wide attention on Twitter and how influential this platform can be. Other retailers can learn from this refreshingly different initiative, driving excitement over the festive period while promoting products and price using simple social media tactics. 

Priya Chandarana is a Retail Analyst at IGD, specialising in research on the growing discount channel. To learn more about how IGD's research can benefit your business further, please get in touch - [email protected]