Lidl Sweden innovative marketing campaign

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 05 September 2019

Lidl Sweden has launched a brand new marketing campaign involving its shoppers. Existing customers will become brand ambassadors and help Lidl promote its products to their friends and families who do not shop at the discounter.

Shoppers as brand ambassadors

The retailer takes a fun and cheeky approach by asking its shoppers to help convince friends and families that thanks to Lidl, “food in Sweden can taste more than it costs!”.

Interested shoppers can participate by filling out a form on the retailer’s website. The form includes questions about their knowledge of Lidl and why they would like to participate. The retailer will then select the most motivated shoppers and liaise with them on the next steps of the campaign, which will involve cooking for friends and family members.

Asking shoppers to cook for their friends and families

Lidl will deliver to the new brand ambassadors a kit called, Lidl Micromarket, which includes a selection of food products with recipes. To create the most immersive experience, the retailer will also provide some branded items, outfits and even a playlist including songs usually played in their stores!

Source: Lidl Sweden

Using the content to create a digital marketing campaign  

Shoppers will be asked to film and share on social media their experience and their guests’ reactions. Lidl plans to reuse this content in a wider marketing campaign online and potentially for TV adverts, with the brand ambassadors and their friends’ consent.

This is not the first time Lidl Sweden has taken an innovative and fun approach to recruit new shoppers. In March 2019, for the opening of a new store, the retailer offered a 10% discount at the checkout to shoppers presenting a loyalty card from one of its competitors.

A campaign aligned with the retailer’s strategic priorities

This campaign works very well with the retailer’s current strategic priorities to get closer to its shoppers and promote the quality of its products. Lidl continues to increase its marketing investments in all countries where it operates, such as in France with its strong campaign supporting farmers.

These campaigns are usually specific to each country. It shows the retailer’s willingness to give flexibility to its different operations for campaigns tailored to the market instead of developing a global marketing strategy.

The complete retailer’s strategic priorities are available for our subscribers in the Lidl Strategic Outlook.  

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As Lidl continues its rapid expansion across Europe and the US, it is looking to build stronger relationship with its shoppers. As Lidl invests in its stores and expands the ranges and services it offers, identify your opportunities with the retailer as we explore the latest strategic priorities that will influence its future performance.