Lidl Spain’s first sustainability report

Date : 22 November 2018

Lidl Spain has published its first sustainability report. We highlight its main achievements related to reducing its environmental impact and creating healthier, more sustainable products for shoppers. 

Reducing environmental impact

  • By the end of 2018, Lidl will have eliminated the purchase of plastic bags across its 550 stores in Spain
  • In the last five years, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 27% in its logistics processes. This achievement is recognised by AECOC who awarded Lidl, Alfil Logistics, Chep Spain, DHL Supply Chain, Nestlé Spain and Unilever Spain the Clean and Green award for reducing CO2 emissions by 20% or more
  • In 2017, Lidl received the Green Energy certification, meaning that nearly all the energy used in its stores and logistics centres is renewable
  • It has received a zero-waste certificate for all its logistics centres in Spain

Healthy and sustainable products

  • Lidl no longer sells eggs from caged hens, and has an animal welfare certificate for all of its fresh milk, which ensures that the cows graze outdoors for at least five hours per day
  • It has reduced 1,000 tons of sugar from its private label soft drinks, and has a strategic aim to support healthy products

A benchmark for sustainability

Lidl hopes that the measures taken above will add value for the consumer, whilst encouraging responsible consumption. Michaela Reischl, director of corporate social responsibility for Lidl Spain said:

"…we have been working for years to be the benchmark in sustainability within our sector in Spain. Now, we have collected our most recent milestones and published them in our first Sustainability Report, which explains how we manage to create shared value throughout our entire value chain…Our goal is to continue moving forward with more measures in terms of sustainability and we are already working on many other projects for the future to continue being the most sustainable supermarket in Spain"

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