Lidl loyalty app sets to become borderless

Date : 24 February 2020

Maxime Delacour

Senior Retail Analyst

Lidl Finland has announced it is testing the Lidl Plus app ahead of a roll out during spring 2020. The discounter also hints the app will become borderless across Europe.

Lidl Finland to launch the Lidl Plus app in spring 2020

Finland will become the ninth country where Lidl has launched its loyalty app. It is currently in the testing phase before a launch during spring 2020. The app was first introduced in Austria in 2018. In 2019, Lidl accelerated the expansion of the app across several markets and will continue to do so in 2020.

The app provides a selection of weekly promotional offers to shoppers. Benefits and services will be tailored according to shoppers’ preferences, such as coupons for relevant product categories. The app will also display offers that are available at selected stores only.

Source: Lidl Finland

The Lidl Plus app offers the following features:

  • Weekly discount coupons to be redeemed at the checkout
  • Scratch cards offering a fun way to access additional promotional offers, such as money off on a specific product or the full shopping basket
  • Purchase history tracking
  • Stores lists and opening hours

Embracing digital and technology is one of the five global trends we have identified that will suport growth in the discount channel in 2020. We expect all major discounters, especially Lidl, to test and roll out various digital solutions to ease the shopping process and improve their supply chains to maintain their efficiency.

Lidl to become one of the few major retailers to make its loyalty app borderless

Lidl currently operates in 30 countries, including the US where it has a specific loyalty programme. In Europe, Lidl Plus is being progressively rolled out in different countries. Linked to this expansion, Mikko Forsström, Lidl Finland’s Chief Commercial Officer, stated that “Finns could get information about local offers during their holiday trip in Spain” and access the benefits by using their loyalty card. This is a major move from the discounter and one of the very few example of a borderless loyalty programme in grocery retail. It confirms Lidl’s position as a leading retailer creating new and innovative solutions.

This is made possible thanks to the Lidl Plus app offering money off coupons as opposed to collecting points to be redeemed later. It will enable the retailer to drive its shoppers’ loyalty, while creating a stronger relationship with them.

When travelling abroad, grocery shopping could be a challenge due to local retailer's lack of knowledge and the difference on how categories and stores are organised. For shoppers on holidays, going to Lidl will make grocery shopping easier, as they know the brand. In addition, store layouts are standardised from one country to the other.

Lidl operations and Lidl Plus app availability

Source: IGD Research

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