Leclerc building for 2019

Date : 04 January 2019

We look at how Leclerc is lowering the prices of its private label range, Marque Repère. Meanwhile, Michel Edouard Leclerc has announced on his blog that Leclerc has signed a tariff agreement with Danone Fresh Products.

Leclerc reduces the prices of 4,600 products…

France-based trade publication LSA has reported that Leclerc has decided to lower the prices of 4,600 products within its Marque Repère range. It will maintain the price decreases throughout 2019, giving its private label products a competitive advantage over major brands. The range is already 30% cheaper than national brands and 75% of its products are manufactured in France.

Product categories within the range include household, hygiene and beauty. However, Leclerc will not lower the prices of fresh and fish products to support producers. The measure took effect on 2 January 2019 and will continue to be implemented throughout the year. The reductions will be applied in all Leclerc stores, Drives and on its home delivery site ‘’.

…while it signs tariff agreement with Danone

Leclerc and Danone have partnered together to integrate production costs into the purchase price of milk. The agreement will help to better compensate dairy farmers and is “fully consistent with the multi-year contracts put in place between Leclerc and producer organisations”.