Latest developments from German drugstores

Date : 17 September 2020

Sabira Habib

Retail Analyst

We explore the latest updates from German drugstore operators: Dm, Rossmann and Muller on their sustainability and digitalisation developments.   

Dm and Rossmann partner with Henkel to test refill stations

Dm and Rossmann are piloting refill stations of Henkel’s new brand- Love Nature. Customers can refill laundry detergents and dishwashing detergents from participating stores. The refill station will be available in 15 selected dm stores, locations will be available from October on the Love Nature website.

As for Rossmann, the refill stations are set up in five participating stores across Germany: two located in the city of Hanover, and one located in the cities of Cologne, Münster and Munich.

The detergent bottles are made from recycled plastic and customers can easily refill the empty bottles or recycle it. 

Source: dm

Recently, dm trialled a similar project with Beiersdorf to offer refill stations in participating stores for Nivea products. Dm reported positive feedback from customers and plans to expand this initiative further.

Source: dm

Dm’s ‘Show your heart now’ campaign

Dm has launched a new initiative that will take place on 28th September to support various non-profit organisations across Germany. Five percent of daily turnover from all dm stores and its online shop will go towards a project supporting social affairs, education or culture. More than 2,000 stores will be supporting initiatives in their neighbourhood.

This effort comes at a vital time as the pandemic continues to affect people’s lives. Social sustainability has become a pressing issue and Dm is working towards supporting those vulnerable in the communities. In turn, it captures shopper’s attention, to be part of a good cause and drives activity in stores and online.

Christopher Werner, Dm’s chairman of the management board commented,

“In particular, social and cultural life in the communities, in the context of projects and in associations, has come to a standstill in the past few months. In addition, the volunteers cannot generate income as usual through sales at club or street festivals. You are therefore more dependent than ever on donations. It is in line with our corporate culture and our self-image at dm that we are now promoting these non-profit associations and projects in the vicinity of our dm stores. We are therefore pleased about the numerous customers who do their shopping in their dm store or in the dm online shop on September 28th and thus support the social commitment of their fellow human beings.”

Muller app reaches half a million users

Muller reported since the launch of its app in May 2020, there has been an increase in app download reaching almost half a million users. The app offers exclusive benefits, discount, and personalised offers.

The drugstore operator is offering a compact all-in-one service that complements online and offline shopping, making it convenient across all channels. The app is available in Germany and Austria, each country-specific and includes a digital customer card, competitions, brochures, and loyalty bonuses.

The success of the app launch is a milestone in the Group’s digitalisation strategy. It plans to further develop and expand its digital offerings and is working towards being a ‘leading digital provider across Europe’.

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