Italy: developments in the market

Lucy Bellotti
Retail Analyst

Date : 09 March 2020

Pam Panorama has launched its home delivery service, available in Milan. Moreover, SPAR Italia introduces apps and games to increase shopper experience. Separately, Bennet introduced Filiera Valore, a private label brand dedicated to fish and meat products.

Pam introduces home delivery

Pam has introduced a home delivery service in Milan, called Pam a Casa. The retailer has partnered with ReStore to deliver goods in two-hours, Monday to Sunday. The group picks products in-store, allowing shoppers to have access to 7,000 SKUs across: fresh, frozen and non-grocery products.

The retailer has taken a sustainable approach by using electric vans to keep carbon emissions low. Pam’s home delivery is free for shoppers spending over €70.

SPAR Italia increases its shopping experiences

SPAR Italia has launched an app and games to enhance shoppers’ experience, across north-east Italy. Aspaig Service uses the app, which is designed to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition.

The app contains information regarding the store and provides visibility on promotions and loyalty points. The in-app games, involving various puzzles, have been introduced to increase shopper engagement. Aspiag previously introduced Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in Despar, Eurospar and Interspar stores, in H2 2019.

Bennet introduces a new private label

Bennet has launched a new private label brand for meat and fish products, under its Filiera Valore label. The retailer has colour coded packaging to identify red with meat and blue with fish products.

The Filiera Valore value chain project focuses on applying measures which protects animal welfare, including adequate facilities to stop overcrowding. Furthermore, Bennet uses fisheries which follow sustainable practices. The group plans to introduce more product categories to the Filiera Valore brand during 2020.

The group has packaged its products to highlight the supply chain journey. The meat packaging includes pictograms showing its animal welfare standards. Meanwhile, Bennet’s fish products demonstrate its sustainable commitments with a ‘friends of the sea’ label.


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