Intermarché lowers prices and develops formats

Date : 02 November 2018

France-based Intermarché has lowered its prices to encourage healthier eating. The retailer is also growing its presence in Paris, as reported in France-based trade publication Lineaires.

Intermarché reduces its prices…

Intermarché has lowered the price of 250 products to encourage healthier eating. Some of the selected products have a quality label (organic) or a nutritional improvement (made without palm oil). Other products have been produced using sustainable methods.

One commercial advertises price drops of around 9% to 10%. However, individual stores will be in control of their own price cuts. The reductions follow the recent development of Intermarché’s loyalty programme in May 2018. The retailer extended the offer to include 5% daily discounts off organic fruit and vegetables and private label products.

Source: Intermarché

…and experiments with new formats

In Q2 2019, Intermarché will open a new 350 sq. m city centre store format. The store will focus on fresh products and have a collection desk for online orders. Thierry Cotillard, president of Intermarché, stated, “We want to cover the shopping needs of urban customers and we will measure their expectations on bulky products to see if they prefer to take them away or have them delivered to their homes”.

Intermarché has also opened its first Intermarché 24/24 drive in Paris. The 50 sq. m Drive, at the Intermarché Express located on Rue Vitruve, Paris, uses automatic withdrawal lockers and has a vending machine for cooked baguettes.