Intermarché launches new concept store

Date : 17 September 2019

Intermarché has opened a new concept store, in Douvaine, Haute-Savoie. The organisation said it would update 50 stores to the new design in 2020. It would then invest in between 300 and 500 then updated annually as it looked to transform all its nearly 2,000 stores to the new design in the medium term.

Store investment builds on three pillars

Launching the new design, Intermarché said its design considered the need for stores to ‘take into account the impact of food on health, to protect the environment and to play a social role’.

Replicating these initiatives in-store, Intermarché’s new store welcomes shoppers with a strong fresh offer, while it has also dedicated more selling space to local, whereby products must come from within 50km of the store, and organic ranges. In partnership with Agromousquetaires, the organisation has committed to dedicate 45% of its offer to healthy eating, buy 90% of its private labels in France and to remove 140 additives from its products.

The store has also widened the selection of bulk options for shoppers to from a range of more than 100 SKUs.

…Raises the bar on dine in options and…

The store has strongly up-weighted its dine in options with the addition of La Cuisine (The Kitchen). The service will change its offer regularly, with a range of 30 recipes available in the short term, with an aim to expand this to 160 in the future. Daily, shoppers will be able to choose from a menu of four starters, two meat dishes, two fish dishes and four side dishes. Prices will range between €9.95 and €15.90.

…Aims to inspire shoppers

Recipe tables, which stock the relative ingredients alongside cards helping to guide shoppers on how to prepare and cook meals are distributed throughout the store. Positioned to inspire and encourage shoppers to try new things, the tables will create new opportunities for Intermarché to engage with its customers.

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