Instacart supports getting seniors online with dedicated service

Stewart Samuel
Program Director - Canada

Date : 08 October 2020

Instacart, the leading on-demand online grocery delivery company in North America, has launched a new service to support seniors with shopping online.

Helping to build confidence

The Senior Support Service has been developed to help shoppers aged over 60 adopt online grocery delivery and stay safer ahead of the upcoming cold and flu season. This is a period when many will face increased health risks, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many older shoppers are less familiar with using mobile apps for tasks, including online grocery shopping. The service aims to build their confidence with using a delivery service such as Instacart.

Source: Instacart

Dedicated specialist support

The Senior Support Service provide customers with extra assistance in setting up an account, filling a virtual order and placing a first offer. A dedicated specialist can also provide tutorials on key Instacart features like setting preferred replacements and chatting with their shopper, to troubleshooting problems or questions about an existing order. Currently, Instacart’s team of more than 150 dedicated specialists help an average of 2,000 seniors a day, with the company bringing more than 60,000 seniors online through the service last month. Senior Support Service calls last, on average, 20% longer than calls with other customers. The initial success of this service could lead to similar developments across the market.

Winning during COVID-19

Due to its partnerships with more than 400 retailers, Instacart has been one of the main beneficiaries of the growth in online retailing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bloomberg reports that the business is on-track to process more than $35bn in sales this year. It continues to launch new services including delivery services for prescriptions, alcohol and meals. Recently, it raised $225m as part of a new financing round, increasing the valuation of the company to $13.7bn. This will support the growth of strategic initiatives including Instacart Advertising and Enterprise.  

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