Innovations drive LeShop sales growth

Date : 04 January 2013

Migros' grocery website, LeShop, has reported turnover of CHF150m for 2012, with mobile devices, DRIVE and RAIL services attracting new customers.

Mobile devices driving growth

LeShop access by mobile devicesAlthough sales in 2012 were virtually flat compared to the previous year, LeShop's share of orders by smartphone or tablet was 23% in 2012, up from 11% in 2011.  Such devices are attracting new users; LeShop said 12% of mobile orders are from new customers.  The iPad app only launched in September 2012. 

Christian Wanner, co-founder and CEO of LeShop, believes that such innovations are essential and will drive growth: "More and more people will shop online because the supermarket is always open and easily accessible anywhere via smartphone and tablet."

New services make LeShop more flexible

In 2012, a DRIVE pick-up point was launched near Bern and two RAIL collection locations came into operation in Zurich and Lausanne.  Ernst Dieter Berninghaus, Migros' trading director, commented: "Once again, our subsidiary has shown itself to be extremely innovative in 2012. The introduction of the iPad app and the DRIVE and RAIL pick-up concepts is an ideal complement to the Migros sales channels." 

LeShop 2012

Mixed performance during the year

Sales in the first quarter were down 7% year-on-year, but performance improved towards the middle and end of 2012.  In Q3, sales were up 4% on the previous year, and this continued into the final quarter.  The average order amount has risen to CHF244 from CHF235 in 2011.

Images source: LeShop

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