How Loop is making online fulfilment more sustainable

Date : 12 November 2019

International recycling company TerraCycle has partnered with a group of leading consumer product companies to launch a new shopping service, Loop. The zero-waste delivery service allows shoppers to consume products in brand-specific durable packaging that is collected, cleaned, refilled and reused.

The service is designed to reduce reliance on single-use packaging and offer a convenient solution to consumers whilst reducing environmental impact. At IGD Live, TerraCycle Europe’s general Manager, Lauren Cucuron, explained how durability enables reusability, design and new features.

How does the service work?

  • Shopper orders via Loop websites or Loop partner retailer’s websites
  • Products are delivered in a re-usable tote bag to the shopper, eliminating the need for single-use shipping materials
  • Once the products are used, shoppers place the empty packaging in the tote bag and ask for return pick-up
  • Loop checks the tote and packaging and replaces products as needed and returns the refilled packages and totes to the shopper

Model helps companies test and learn

The stand-alone ecommerce model is suitable for a low-scale, test-and-learn launch. Loop executes all receiving, outbound and inbound distribution, as well as packaging’s cleaning. The manufacturers then refill products in packaging they have designed for durability and reuse.

To allow for durability, the product must be able to go around 10 reasonable cycles or more. A cycle is defined as production, to sale, to use, and to reuse. The packaging must be cleaned without damage to the standards required by that particular product category.

Who’s doing it?

Kroger, Carrefour, Tesco and more have already enabled durability for their retail environment. The integrated retail models allow consumers to access Loop both in-store and through ecommerce. Any retailer, small or large, physical or digital, can embed the Loop engine into their stores and enable a circular supply chain for their shoppers.

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