High street retailer Flying Tiger to introduce pet food

Date : 07 June 2016

In an interview with The Times, Lennart Lajboschitz, founder of international discount chain Flying Tiger (recently rebranded from Tiger), talks about the retailer's proposition and plans to grow.

Creating an emotional connection

Lajboschitz talks about making products emotional, therefore creating an experience between the consumer and product, which is where the magic of this successful value concept lies. The chain's founder says that everything the retailer does must be unique, and while this may be challenging, it is an ethos that the company stays true to and fuels significant product development, resulting in 150 new lines every two weeks.

Adding pet food to the mix

Lajboschitz divides the products into three categories: necessities, 'surprise-me' products and dream products - those we want but can't afford. Put simply, and in the founder's own words, Flying Tiger's aim is to 'make you feel that you are rich'. With pets often being treated like part of the family in an emotional way, it is not surprising that the retailer is launching a pet range, sure to tug at the heart-strings of animal owners across its markets with its innovation and value prices.

16 new stores in 2016

Since entering the UK in 2005, Flying Tiger has opened 75 stores, including one in St James's Park tube station. By the end of the year, it aims to add 16 to the UK estate and is set to reach 600 stores across its 25 markets. With typically small stores between 200-300 sq m and an Ikea-style maze layout, Flying Tiger is easy to navigate and this forms part of its strategy to excite and attract new customers.

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