GS25 opens “Amazon Go” style store in Seoul

Jiong-Jiong Yu
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 16 January 2020

GS25, a leading convenience store chain in South Korea, opened an unmanned store similar to Amazon Go.

High-tech enabled store

Located in Jung District, Seoul, the store is similar to Amazon Go that customers are able to purchase goods without being checked out by a cashier or using a self-checkout counter.  

Shoppers enter the store by scanning a BC Paybook QR code from BC Card’s mobile payment app. 34 smart cameras and 300 weight sensors are installed to analyse and recognise shoppers’ in-store behaviour, for example what products they pick up, put in the baskets or put back on the shelf. A video-recognition system with pre-set voice will provide assistance if needed. 

All the items will be automatically paid for at the exit using artificial intelligence, and a mobile receipt will be issued instantly.

This is the second Amazon-Go style shop in South Korea. The first one was opened by Shinsegae in 2019.



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