Google launches Grow My Store tool

Date : 23 May 2019

Google has unveiled a new tool known as Grow My Store to support retailers with improving their customers’ online and omnichannel experiences.

Testing against 22 metrics

The new Grow My Store tool gives retailers a rating of their website, while generating reports with recommendations on how to improve their customers’ online experience. The site is initially being rolled out in English, French and Spanish speaking countries, with further European expansion plans in 2019. Recommendations for retailers are based on country-level research, and are therefore specific to retailers’ own markets.

Retailers are testing against up to 22 metrics with Grow My Store. The metrics are based on studies into customer experience best practice. Google created the tool in response to consumers increasingly demanding more information and services expected from retailers online.

Fionnuala Meehan, VP EMEA, Google Customer Solutions, said: “For retailers of all sizes, their website is their digital flagship store, so Google wants to help retailers to make their online and omnichannel customer experience as appealing as possible to customers. That’s why we have built a tool that brings together all this valuable insight into one place and then uses that insight to create bespoke recommendations for retailers providing clear support and advice”.

Developing retailer partnerships

Recently, we have seen Google getting closer to retailers through a number of partnerships, and acting as an advisor in these relationships. In 2018, Google signed a strategic partnership with Carrefour in France that focused on the availability of Carrefour on Google’s shopping website and Google Assistant in France, creation of a Carrefour-Google innovation lab, and digitisation acceleration of the Carrefour Group. The partnership sees Carrefour’s position in the digital channel strengthen as well as a offering a better shopping experience for customers. Google has also partnered with Walmart on voice ordering through Google Assistant for its online grocery service.

Google launched a new shopping programme in 2018 in the US, allowing customers to shop products using a universal Google cart. Shopping Actions enables consumers to buy items from search results instantly. Retailers that partner with the programme have the opportunity to increase shopper loyalty by supporting initiatives such as one-click re-ordering and personalised recommendations. In exchange for Google listings, retailers will pay a percentage of each purchase to the company. A number of companies, including Target, Walmart and Costco signed up to the programme.

While partnering with Google offers retailers greater visibility and improves the shopping experience, for Google, its retailer partnerships help it to win consumer product searches against competitor companies, including Amazon.