Germany: 60 second round up

Date : 21 September 2017

We bring you the latest news from Rewe and Edeka in Germany.

Rewe Digital launching a DOOH Campaign

Rewe is partnering up with an advertising company to launch a digital campaign at the point of sale. Nestle’s Wagner pizza is the brand that will be promoted. With more shoppers starting to shop online in Germany, and consumers using digital channels more. Rewe is keen to expand its efforts in this area. The aim is to reach more customers and encourage them to purchase at the point of sale, in this case at the Rewe store. The use of digital marketing also allows more tailored campaigns aimed at specific target groups.

Edeka investing in online

Edeka is accelerating its online presence, increasing its capacity for home delivery by building a 6,000 sq m warehouse in Olching, near Munich. Bringmeister, which Edeka acquired as part of its purchase of Tengelmann, is extending its service in Berlin by offering one hour delivery slots, as well as same day deliveries on orders placed by 2pm. As shoppers become more inclined to shop for groceries online in Germany, the services offering the most convenient delivery options will be better placed to serve customers needs.

Netto launching a new fruit and vegetable range

Edeka’s discount operator Netto Marken Discount has launched a new produce line called Markttag, which focuses on quality and transparency. The new private label range combines popular items from its existing range and will focus on providing clear origin labelling. The range will include over 40 fruit and vegetables, each with a unique QR code. Customers can scan their code to trace the produce back to its origins. The packaging will highlight one of four product categories: regional, German, international or premium.