GCA Launches Annual Survey

Nick Gladding
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 11 January 2021

The UK’s Groceries Code Adjudicator, Mark White, has today (11 January) launched the regulator’s annual survey, inviting suppliers to share their experiences of how the sector is operating during highly challenging times.


An opportunity to influence how the sector is regulated

The survey is an important opportunity for suppliers to tell the GCA about any Code issues they are facing and whether the retailers it regulates are treating them fairly and lawfully.

Since its initiation in 2014, the survey has played an important role in helping the GCA to achieve progress for suppliers, demonstrating where retailers’ efforts have improved Code compliance and identifying areas for them to make improvements.

Commenting Mark White said: “This survey will be immensely valuable in helping me identify the issues the groceries sector is facing as well as guiding my future work.  What suppliers can tell me is particularly important as this is my first year as GCA and the sector is still working under the challenges of Covid and Brexit so I am asking them to be as frank as possible.  Their answers can help their businesses.”


Two innovations for 2021

For the first time the survey will also ask suppliers to provide positive feedback about their retailers as well as saying what has not worked so well.

Explaining the changes Mark White said: “I have decided to include two innovations this year.  First, I would like to hear from suppliers who think the retailers are doing a good job so I can highlight success and share good practice.

“Second, after the main survey has closed I will be asking YouGov to carry out some detailed interviews with suppliers on particular issues arising from the findings.  For example, in the last survey just over a third of respondents still reported Code-related issues even though the results showed progress across many areas.  I would like to understand more clearly why this is the case.

“If you supply one of the regulated retailers and are interested in taking part in these interviews please provide contact details at the end of the survey.  As with survey responses any information gathered from follow-up interviews will be treated with complete confidence.”

How to have your say

The survey can be completed at www.yougov.com/GCA.

The survey closes on 21 February 2021 and the GCA will publish the results later in the spring/summer on www.gov.uk/gca - as well as in a special edition of “News from the Adjudicator’. 

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