FamilyMart launches FamiPay in Japan

Date : 01 July 2019

Japan’s second largest convenience chain, FamilyMart, has launched its own smartphone payment system today (July 1).

Convenience for shoppers

The app, FamiPay, allows customers to conveniently pay for goods via their smartphones. It will eventually integrate FamiPort services, e.g. pay parking fees, bills and tickets via the app.

To encourage usage, the retailer will rebate (for the first month) up to 15% of the money that users spend, with an upper limit of about 28 dollars. To drive loyalty, we expect points and relevant rebate offered in some shape or form ongoing.

How will it work?

Cashier first scans a code displayed in the app. They then scan the products. Customers will be able to see what is scanned, before allowing the cashier to scan the code on their screens to complete the transaction. The e-wallet can be charged with cash, and it can also be attached to a credit card.

Customer data for FamilyMart

The retailer already handles other cashless payment methods, but introducing its own system will provide it invaluable data on shopper behaviour. The service will also help drive efficiencies in-store, saving FamilyMart cashiers time. The retailer hopes to use the information to develop new products and distribute coupons, encouraging customers to use the app.