Etruria Retail CEO discusses tie up with Carrefour Italy

Date : 03 October 2019

In an interview in Distribuzione Moderna, Etruria Retail’s managing director, Graziano Costantini, discussed why the organisation has aligned itself with Carrefour, following Auchan’s exit from the market.

Etruria to benefit from alliance with Carrefour…

Costantini highlighted that Etruria will benefit from its collaboration with Carrefour Italy through buying agreements, the brand recognition that Carrefour has, the retailer’s strength in private label and the investments that it has been making in digitising its operations. He said by working together, Carrefour and Etruria Retail would be able to combine the brand recognition and innovation of Carrefour with the experience and local knowledge of Etruria’s retailers.

The collaboration between Carrefour and Etruria Retail will boost the former’s presence in Tuscany, where the latter operates more than 200 stores, and Umbria. Costantini said Etruria’s strengths in the proximity supermarket format, which measure between 1,000 and 1,500 sq. m, will see its stores remain relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s shoppers.

…But remain focused on local strengths

Costantini said Etruria Retail and its partners had been able to expand and attract new shoppers by remaining focused on their local links and presence. This was accentuated by emphasising the quality of their range and by dedicating considerable space to local ranges. Meanwhile, Costantini noted how the retailers had kept up with changes in the wider retailing environment in the country, making sure that costs were contained where possible and efficiency remaining important on an on-going basis.