Esselunga sees sales rise 2.1% in 2018

Date : 23 January 2019

Italy-based Esselunga has reported its sales rose 2.1% to €7.9bn. The retailer said that the results had been underpinned by keeping prices constant, with no price inflation, therefore, being seen for its shoppers.

Price investment key to growth

The rise in sales was spotlighted as part of a release from the Board. The retailer said the positive sales growth came despite a fall in consumption across the market in the second half of 2018. Investing in price has been key for the retailer to remain competitive and promote its price-focused strategy to shoppers.

Ecommerce building momentum…

Esselunga said it grew online sales by 28% in 2018 to €236m. The channel represented 3% of the retailer’s total sales by the end of the year. The retailer has been investing strongly in its online operations, trialling a range of solutions and expanding its coverage to benefit from shoppers growing interest in grocery ecommerce.

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…But stores remain core to its offer

Despite the retailer’s investment in its online operations, it continues to invest in its stores to update their look and feel. As an example, Esselunga opened a ‘state-of-the-art store’ on Milan’s Viale Famagosta. The store continued the roll out of the retailer’s new Bar Atlantic, while specifically for it there were co-working stations, a wider fresh offer, a broader range of food-to-go items and dedicated sections for fresh fish and meat. During 2018 Esselunga updated a number of its stores, opening only one additional supermarket in Vimercate, in Brianza province.

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