Eroski improving profits in H1 2018

Date : 01 November 2018

Spain-based Eroski Group has closed H1 2018 with sales of €2,314M, 16.7% less than H1 2017. Net profit was €14.8M, €11.6M more than the same period last year. The retailer highlighted 2.9% sales growth in its strategic regions: Basque Country, Navarra, Galicia and the Balearic Islands.

Upgrading to the ‘contigo’ store model

Eroski has upgraded most stores in its strategic regions. Across its estate, 65% of sales come from new generation stores. Eroski invested €38M in H1 2018, for franchised and own stores. This investment covered the remodelling of 52 supermarkets, and 26 new openings.

Caprabo, a banner of Eroski’s in Catalonia and Navarra, has started a plan to improve competitiveness and will construct a new logistics platform in Barcelona.

Reinforcing the Eroski Natur private label

On improving sustainability, the retailer announced that all Eroski Natur chickens sold throughout its commercial network will be certified to protect animal welfare and environmental standards. Certicar is the organisation that has certified Eroski Natur’s chicken farms.

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