Eataly launches e-commerce venture

Date : 16 April 2013

Premium Italian food retailer Eataly has partnered with 360 Capital Partners to launch 'Eataly Net' - an international e-commerce distribution venture.

Aim is to achieve "worldwide dominance"

Eataly has a majority interest of 60% in the venture, called, with 30% in the hands of 360 Capital Partners and 10% with the CEO and co-founder of Eataly, Franco Denari.  The "ultimate goal" according to the Eataly statement is "to achieve worldwide dominance in the e-commerce of Italian high quality products."  Local subsidiaries will be created between Eataly Net and its current local partners who support operations in countries outside Italy.  Eataly was founded in Turin in 2007 and has since expanded to various locations in Italy, along with Japan and the USA.

Eataly best placed to take on challenge says co-founder

The co-founder of Eataly, Franco Denari, commented: "Food is the next big thing in e-commerce and we do believe nobody better than Eataly Net has the know-how, the product selection and the financial resources to take on the challenge of conquering this market." 

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