Dirk van den Broek to focus expansion on existing regions

Date : 12 February 2013

Dirk van den Broek has announced the sale of stores that will see it exit the province of Friesland. The sale will enable it to focus on regions of the Netherlands where it has a existing, strong presence.

Focus to support retailers’ growth strategy

The exit will support Dirk van den Broek’s parent, Detailresult, to concentrate on regions where it is best represented: North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, Gelderland and North Brabant. Detailresult’s aim is to build a dominant position in these regions and exiting Friesland will help it to free up money to invest elsewhere.

Store openings to continue in 2013

To underline this switch in investment, Detailresult announced that it will open four stores across its various banners. The new stores will be added in in Vlaardigen, Nieuwegein and Rotterdam.