DIA reverses decision to dispose of Clarel

Date : 06 September 2019

Reversing a previously announced decision to sell its Clarel stores, due to them being non-core, DIA has said it is set to retain the brand in both Spain and Portugal.

New business unit created to give banner focus

As part of the new focus on the banner and to enable it to drive innovation for itself, DIA has created an independent business unit for the brand. The unit will be led by Paul Berg, who has been appointed as its chief executive.

Maintaining ownership to support store presence

DIA operates 1,200 Clarel stores in Spain and 71 in Portugal. It generated sales of €288.8m in 2018, but also produced losses of €49m during the same period. Keeping the brand will help DIA’s aim to standout from competitors by maintaining the brand’s private labels in its stores. Clarel has a range of private labels including Bonté, Basic Cosmetics, Junior Smile, Baby Smile and AS, which are also stocked at DIA stores.