Delhaize launches AB Cool Food banner in Romania

Date : 27 September 2013

Belgium-based Delhaize Group has introduced a new banner into Romania – AB Cool Food – which exclusively sells frozen foods, with the opening of the store in Bucharest.

Range made up only of imported brands

The banner’s range is made up solely of private label products from Delhaize and Casino, which are merchandised alongside imported brands, meaning that out of the 600 products on sale, none are produced locally. AB Cool Food’s range is made up of frozen food – appetisers, cakes, fish, fruits, ice cream, ready meals, and vegetables – and associated items like dressings and spices.

Expansion to begin in 2014

Discussing the concept’s launch, Mega Image’s commercial director, Catalina Aldea said that the new store – which measures 180 sq m – would be the only one opened in 2013, with expansion continuing in 2014, although without giving a target for the number to be opened. Aldea said that Delhaize had introduced the banner to help build trust in frozen foods in Romania, due to shopper concerns about freshness and quality.