CVS Pharmacy launches interactive 3D store on iPad

Date : 03 April 2013
CVS pharmacy in the US has launched an app that delivers a digital and interactive drugstore experience for its customers.

Interactive shopping experience

CVS is committed to establishing new and emerging technologies within its business to empower customers on their path to better health. The new app is developed to allow customers to explore a 3D virtual CVS pharmacy, enabling browsing of their favourite departments to shop, fill in prescriptions and access to services from the Photo Center, MinuteClinic, ExtraCare and Pharmacy.

The iPad app is designed to deliver a personalised fun and interactive way to shop which helps customers to manage their healthcare and drugstore requirements. The app delivers a customised shopping experience for consumers which provides a virtual feeling of visiting their local CVS/pharmacy but from their home or on the go.

When browsing the virtual store the shopper has the opportunity to access various services by tapping on the popular areas which in turn launches mini apps. The Pharmacy service provides customers with enhanced prescription management, allowing them to scroll through prescriptions quickly, schedule refills and view availability of pick-up of prescriptions. A zoom-in detail screen allows patients to view prescriptions easily and refills can be scanned in using the iPad camera. The app also features MinuteClinic which allows to customers to locate their nearest clinic, check hours, services offered and insurance information.

Greater personalisation for shoppers

The ExtraCare Coupon Centre allows shoppers to manage their ExtraCare savings and reward, check their balances or sign up for additional ExtraCare programs. CVS shoppers are encourages to make the ExtraCare Coupon Centre a first stop to receive personalised offers and coupons which can be viewed with rotating display and animations and then be sent to print or to their ExtraCare card. There is also a weekly service allowing shoppers who prefer to plan ahead to view the weekly circular for their preferred location using the GPS locator or by entering their ZIP code.

Shoppers can search the full website product catalogue through the catalogue Style shopping service which also gives an opportunity to access weekly deals and take advantage of new offers everyday. Another feature is the Photo service which enables shoppers to print from their camera roll on the iPad and pick up at a nearby CVS/pharmacy the same day.

Our view

CVS is moving very quickly in introducing of new technology and enhanced applications to strengthen its engagement with shoppers. The ability to personalise offers and rewards, manage individual prescription, healthcare and drugstore requirements are in line with US shopper requirements, especially amongst older shoppers, who are quickly harnessing the capabilities of their smartphones.