Continente launches ‘food lab’

Date : 13 August 2019

Portugal-based Continente has launched a new initiative, ‘food lab’ which explores emerging food trends. The chain has introduced new products, with aims to accommodate the changes in shopper trends.

The ‘food lab’ initiative  

The initiative will see Continente collaborate with local producers to launch new products, which will carry the ‘food lab’ seal. The range is available at selected Continente stores and the online channel, with dedicated ‘food lab’ displays.

The main trends of focus include; health, nutrition and sustainability. Each product offers a unique attraction to shoppers. Continente is encouraging shoppers to decide whether specific products should remain permanent in store.

Available products

Continente says it is the first retailer in Portugal to introduce ‘beyond meats beyond burger’. The burgers are plant-based and meet specific dietary requirements, suitable for vegans. Other products available include; egg sausages, an egg white protein-based product, suitable for vegetarians.

An organic lemon soda has been created using natural ingredients and no preservative chemicals. Non-alcoholic rosé contains fewer calories and bread beer reduces food waste.

Driving innovation key to differentiating

Innovation across private labels is expanding. Sainsburys and Carrefour has introduced innovate ranges that meet shopper needs similar to Continente. Shopper needs is currently focused on being healthier and sustainable.

Changes in food preferences has allowed Sainsburys to announce, ‘taste of the future’. Sainsburys has dedicated a display to highlight 30 products, based in 69 stores. The range is committed to test and trail new innovations. Example products include nibble brownie bites; low sugar vegan brownies and sea chips; the UK’s first handcrafted salmon crisps.

Carrefour opened an organic-focused store in Paris, called So.Bio. The store stocks 10,000 SKUs from specialty to small producers. The range covers fruit and vegetables, bakery products, meat and wine. Carrefour Spain has increased its vegetarian range and gluten free ice cream, to meet shoppers growing interest in the products.