Changes to FamilyMart UNY and Don Quijote deal

Date : 03 January 2019

FamilyMart UNY has failed to secure enough shares to make Don Quijote an affiliate. The discount operator, however, will proceed with its plan to make UNY a fully owned subsidiary.

Businesses will continue to share strengths and know-how

In the deal announced in October, FamilyMart UNY was to purchase a 20.17% stake in Don Quijote. FamilyMart UNY has released a statement to confirm that the deal is being "postponed at this point in time." Nonetheless, Don Quijote will purchase the remaining 60% stake of UNY tomorrow, making it a wholly owned affiliate. The two companies will continue to collaborate on product development, procurement and sales promotion. Another takeover bid from FamilyMart UNY in the future cannot be ruled out.

Cashless payment service available in July

FamilyMart UNY is launching a smartphone-based payment system to its stores across Japan in July. To pay for in-store purchases, shoppers just need to show a barcode displayed on their smartphones’ screen for the staff members to scan. The service can be precharged with cash or shoppers can pay the bills with credit cards.

The new cashless payment service is another example of a retailer in Japan responding to the country's labour shortages. It also aims to improve customer convenience and will provide the retailer valuable data on shopper purchases for the development of new products. To drive greater engagement, the retailer will offer shoppers points from loyalty programs of other companies, including the T-Point system.