Central Food Retail launches health food store

Date : 23 June 2020

Soo-Eng Tan

Senior Retail Analyst

Central Food Retail has launched its first health food store in Tops Market, CentralPlaza Chengwattana, one of its flagshop supermarkets.

Source: Central Food Retail


The store is launched under the slogan “Nature’s Delights for a Healthy Life” which offers a complete range of health products to meet all health and wellness-oriented lifestyles. The retailer has classified products under five categories.

  • Organic: products that are free of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and GMOs with organic certification and accreditation
  • Natural: products that made from natural ingredients and eco-friendly products
  • Vegan & Plant-Based:  products that are free of meat, eggs, dairy products, and all other animal-derived ingredients
  • Health-specific: products that are allergy-friendly for those who are sensitive or allergic to certain singredients
  • Nutrition Boost: high nutrition food for those who are looking for extra nourishment
Source: Central Food Retail


In its health-specific category, the retailer has products that cater to different dietary requirements. For example, it has over 200 items of gluten-free products for shoppers to choose from.

Source: Central Food Retail


An eco-friendly corner and refill station support shoppers’ efforts to reduce single-used plastic. Shoppers can bring their own containers with a variety of household essentials and personal care products.

Source: Central Food Retail


It also provides online consultation by nutrition experts from the Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University, as a unique additional service. This is done through Healthiful’s official facebook page. Shoppers just need to send in their questions through a private message to the page and a nutrition expert will respond within 24 hours.