Casino: format and private label developments

Date : 06 December 2019

Following in-store developments and the aim to adapt its private label products, we round up news from France-based Casino.

New le drugstore parisien opens in Paris

Casino has opened its latest le drugstore parisien in the shopping centre in Saint-Lazare station. The new 200 sq. m store, which makes it smaller than previous examples, has strongly evolved the brand’s concept and offer, while zones have been created to make shoppers’ journeys through it easier and more intuitive. The store, according to Casino, has been designed around the different times of the day: products for the bathroom, for the handbag, for work, for travel and for relaxing and will stock about 2,800 SKU’s.

Meanwhile, the offer has been adapted in this iteration to put a greater focus on products made in France, which now make up 40% of the total, organic items, which make up 26% of the total and 100% of its make-up range, with more prominence given to ‘clean’ products and niche brands.

Casino tests in-store Julienne fixture

Casino has added an in-store fixture from Julienne, a company that creates meal bags providing several solutions. The fixture, as reported by local trade press publication Lineaires, has been added in Casino supermarket in Maisons-Alfort. The solutions from Julienne, which feed either two or four people, contain all the ingredients, between six to 10 items, that shoppers need to complete a meal easily, along with a recipe card about how to cook the meal. It has said most meals can be cooked in less than 30 minutes.

Julienne offers a range of meals, including classics, ethnic and vegetarian. The company has said 80% of the ingredients are organic, while 100% of them are locally produced. The meal bags cost between €9 and €16 for two people and between €15 and €26 for four people.

Casino aiming to add Nutri-Score label to private labels

The retailer has also announced that from January 2020 it will be adding the Nutri-Score label to its private label products. It said it is aiming to complete the process for all 3,000 SKUs under its own brands to be completed by the end of 2021. Casino said it would begin with its chilled meat products, bakery offer, yoghurts and cheese. As part of the process, the retailer said it would look to adapt the ingredients and recipes for about 1,000 products to make them healthier.