Casino banners evolving to drive convenience

Date : 03 October 2017

As part of separate developments, Casino-owned banners Franprix, Monoprix and Géant have said they are trialling different payment solutions that enable shoppers to limit the time they spend checking out.

Franprix tests digital payments for home deliveries

After accepting payments through the Lydia app in June, Franprix has begun to trial a new solution from the provider to enable shoppers to pay for their deliveries on receiving them. The new service, which is being trialled at 32 stores, will allow shoppers to pay on delivery using a secure link, sent via sms or email or through the app itself.

Monoprix trials ‘Monop’easy’ app

In conjunction with Snapp’, Monoprix is allowing shoppers in Paris to pay without going to a checkout. The app’s trial is expected to lead to a wider roll out in 2018, which will allow shoppers to miss the checkout process completely. Shoppers will have to download the app, scan products’ barcodes and then complete the payment process through the app. A receipt is then emailed to the shopper.

See our report on the Evolution of the Physical Store where we look at 10 areas – one of which is making payment seamless – that retailers and manufacturers need to consider as they prepare for the physical store of the future.

Géant investigates convenient payment solution

At a Géant store in Toulouse the retailer is allowing shoppers to leave their full trolleys for an employee to checkout and then make it available either for collection or have delivered to their home. Initially available only for loyalty cardholders, the service enables shoppers to remove the need to queue at the end of their shop.

Franchisee launches dual branded store

Meanwhile, Lineaires has reported that one of Casino’s leading franchisees – the Zouari family – has opened a dual branded store that combines a Hyper Casino and a Leader Price. The trial is aimed at enabling shoppers to enjoy the lower prices at Leader Price in conjunction with the wide range available at a Hyper Casino. The trade publication reports that the Leader Price store is within the Hyper Casino, with payments made through the latter store.