Carrefour Taiwan opens unmanned store

Date : 25 January 2021

Jiong-Jiong Yu

Senior Retail Analyst

In collaboration with Yushan Bank, Carrefour opened an unmanned store called iCarrefour in January.

Store trial started in May 2020

The retailer has been testing the unmanned store concept inside its HQ building since May 2020. With a sales area of nine sq m, the unmanned store is “mini” in size and carries around 600 SKUs, designed to fulfil the shopping missions of office workers inside the building.

The range covers food categories such as snacks, fruits, bakery, chilled and frozen products. Shoppers can also find non-food items, including slippers and face masks. The store can flex the range at any time to meet changing shopper needs.

All items are sold at a “Quantity Price” that is synchronized with the retail price. Electronic shelf labels are used throughout the store, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

The self-checkout machine supports a variety of digital payments from physical cards to mobile payments. Cash payment option is not available.

Carrefour revealed that during the seven-month store trial, the unmanned store can generate a revenue of TWD8,000 (US$286) to TWD10,000 (US$357) per day. Beverages, bread, tea eggs and fruits are popular items, especially on days with adverse weather conditions.

Source: Carrefour


Source: Carrefour


The Yushan store is an important milestone

The store opened in collaboration with Yushan Bank this month is the first iCarrefour outside the retailer’s premise, marking an important milestone. There are plans to open more iCarrefour stores, as several other large companies also expressed keen interest in having such a store inside their office buildings for convenience

Source: Carrefour


Source: Carrefour