Carrefour Poland opens Media Markt corners

Date : 27 November 2018

Carrefour Poland has opened its first Media Markt electronics corner inside one of its hypermarkets, according to reports by Wiadomosci Handlowe. The retailer will open a dozen shop-in-shops initially, with the view to opening more if successful.

The Media Markt corner is 800 sq. m…

The first Media Markt corner has been opened in a Carrefour hypermarket in the Warsaw Wilenska shopping centre, with a second corner expected to open in its hypermarket in Lódz soon.

The 800 sq. m. Media Markt corner offers an assortment selected to meet customers’ needs. The corner also features a service desk and a collection point for online orders.

…and replaces Carrefour’s electronics department

The Media Markt corners replace Carrefour’s electronic department, which the retailer has said have become less popular as buying has moved online. The agreement helps Carrefour to deal with two intertwined issues: stores’ underutilised sales area and the associated costs of staffing and maintaining the areas too. Media Markt will pay rent for the leased space and as a specialist brand should help to increase sales in the category.

Step echoes partnership in France

Carrefour recently introduced Darty corners to two of its hypermarkets in France, which mirrors the steps it is taking with Media Markt in Poland. The step in France and now Poland is part of the retailer’s 2022 transformation plan, which had it set out to become ‘more open to partnerships, growth levers and innovation’ and to ‘achieve productivity and competitiveness gains’.

The question now will become, with Carrefour and Media Markt also both operating in Belgium, Italy and Spain if the working relationship proves successful in Poland, where else could it be exported to? Both retailers are facing similar challenges in many of their markets, with online gaining share in consumer electronics and stores coming under pressure, the need to operate as many as each does in many markets is declining.

As such, it could be a solution that gets rolled more widely across Europe, which could support both retailer’s profitability in the region by helping make selling space more productive.