Carrefour Italy introduces blockchain technology

Date : 19 September 2018

Carrefour Italy will release its first product mapped with blockchain technology on 29 September 2018.

The technology follows a series of initiatives in line with Carrefour Italy’s ‘Food Transition’ strategy.

Blockchain technology

After previously announcing plans to use the technology, Carrefour Italy will release its first blockchain mapped product, the Carrefour Quality Filiera chicken, on 29 September 2018. Shoppers can scan the QR code to trace the chicken’s supply chain information.

Carrefour Italy will be the first retailer in the country to introduce blockchain technology. The retailer hopes to extend the use of blockchain to its private label citrus fruits soon.

Agreements with local supply chains

As well as launching blockchain technology, Carrefour Italy has signed contracts with local supply chains to ensure further transparency of products.

Growth of organic products

Carrefour Italy is also in the process of launching a wider range of organic products that are environmentally friendly and affordable.

Carrefour Italy’s ‘Food Transition’ strategy

These initiatives reinforce the fundamental aims of Carrefour’s Italy ‘Food Transition’ strategy. These include, encouraging sustainable and responsible consumption, making organic products more accessible and creating greater security and transparency.

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