Carrefour food blockchain in Spain

Date : 22 November 2018

Earlier in 2018, Carrefour announced that it would start using blockchain technology as part of its 2022 Transformation plan. After rolling-out blockchain technology in France and Italy, it has now applied the technology in Spain in collaboration with IBM and Galicia-based Coren.

The project in Spain

Carrefour has launched the first traceability system for food using blockchain for one of its “Quality and Origin” private label products: country chicken free from antibiotics. Shoppers can trace the product from production through to distribution, by scanning a QR code on its packaging. The information available includes: the birth date of the chicken, the location of the farm, the feed used to rear the chicken or the date that it arrived on-shelf. Shoppers therefore have a complete view of the product which could boost consumer confidence.

"Becoming the leader in the food transition for all is the ambition of Carrefour and the use of blockchain technology allows us to advance in the realization of this objective, since it responds to a priority of the group: to guarantee consumers the traceability of our products. Products with total transparency". Said Jorge Ybarra, commercial director of Food.
Source: IGD Research

Partnership with IBM and Coren

Carrefour’s application was created using technology from the IBM Food Trust, of which Carrefour is a founding member. The trust aims to implement a global standard for the traceability of foods. Coren is a supplier to Carrefour, and produces private label products for the retailer. Carrefour said it will extend its use of blockchain over the coming months, applying the technology to other “Quality and Origin” products.

What has it done before

Carrefour has used blockchain technology previously in France and Italy, mainly for premium private label lines, as part of its Food Transition strategy. Joining the IBM Food Trust helped Carrefour to have the technological capability to implement its food traceability systems.

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