Carrefour brings fresh thinking to the fresh department

Date : 11 January 2021

Jon Wright

Head of Insight - RA EMEA

Following on from the appointment of Yoann Alarçon as director of traditional fresh products at Carrefour France, local trade publication Lineaires has reported one of Alarçon’s first decisions has been to stop the retailer selling strawberries in January.

Alarçon appointed as director of traditional fresh products at Carrefour France

Carrefour France appointed Yoann Alarçon, who was the founder of Potager City, which it acquired in January 2020, as its director of traditional fresh products. Announcing his own appointment on LinkedIn Alarçon said he would aim to put more emphasis on taste, how goods are grown and produced, and to maximise the potential of locally produced items. His appointment comes as Carrefour puts an increasing emphasis on locally produced goods, while fresh is clearly an important category for attracting shoppers, driving footfall and driving loyalty.

Carrefour to stop selling strawberries in January

Lineaires has reported that one of Alarçon’s first steps in his role has been to decide to stop stocking strawberries in January. Announcing the decision, Alarçon, on Twitter, said: “[Strawberries] are not in season, they are terribly tasteless, and instead we have delicious citrus fruits, French kiwis and crunchy apples.”. Strawberries are expected back on Carrefour’s shelves in February once the first deliveries from Spain come through and will then be followed by strawberries from France.

Source: Twitter / Lineaires

While the step is probably very low risk, with strawberry sales probably at their lowest in January, after years of enabling shoppers to buy fruit and vegetables all year round, Carrefour’s decision is still bold. It will become clearer as 2021 progresses, whether this is simply the first product it decides to stop selling when they are out of season, such as tomatoes, but as a first step it is interesting. The initiative will enable Carrefour to put a greater focus on locally produced and in season products, which could help it attract new shoppers and build links with shoppers in those regions.

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